Our Curricula


Valor - Official Kindergarten

Faith - 3rd grade, life science and beginning first history rotation 

Grace - 6th/7th grade, biology, Annotated Hobbit, History of Ireland and England

Honor - 8th grade - History of Science, biology

Joy - 11th grade, biology, world history, A Day's Read

Justice - 12th grade, charter school 


Valor - Kindergarten

Faith - 2nd grade - American Girl, Science Shepherd

Grace - 5th grade - American Girl, chemistry

Honor - 7th grade - geography, chemistry

Joy - 10th grade - Forensics, geography, One Year Adventure Novel

Justice - 11th grade - Forensics, American history, charter school

Harry Potter's Bookshelf literature course (Honor 7th grade, Joy 10th grade)



Valor - pre-k

Faith - first grade

Grace - fourth grade

Honor - sixth grade 

Adventures in the Sea and Sky from Winter Promise

Joy - ninth grade

Justice - tenth grade

US High School History


Kindergarten - Faith

Third Grade - Grace

Fifth Grade - Honor

Eight Grade - Joy

Ninth Grade - Justice

Chronicles of Narnia based literature for Honor and Grace


Here you can find links to the posts that outline the curricula the mhoncaí are using for the 2012-2013 school year.

Student Spotlight: Faith - preschool

Student Spotlight: Grace - second grade

Student Spotlight: Honor - fourth grade

Student Spotlight: Joy - seventh grade

Student Spotlight: Justice - eighth grade

Not-quite-a-student-yet Spotlight: Valor - delicious two year old

These posts are sketches of Justice's homemade literature study.

Hobbit part 1 

Hobbit part 2

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