Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not Quite a Student Spotlight: Valor

   'Cause he's much too delicious to leave out. ;-)  Valor is 2 years old. The only remotely academic activity he does is scribbling on his siblings books when they leave them out with a pencil on top. He spends his days driving toy cars and trains, throwing balls around the house, covering himself in dirt in the backyard, climbing anything possible (including parents and siblings), and generally being a happy boy sort of boy.

   For school picture day he was far more interested in skooching down the grass hill on his butt than posing for a picture.

But he was more than happy to smile as he ran back to the stairs behind the big slide. 

   This one was taken the day the police car came home. To say he was excited may be an understatement. 


   Those playground pictures are some of the rare outdoor pictures of Valor without his hat. For whatever reason, the moment we arrived at the park for pictures he stripped his shoes, socks and hat off, laid them in a pile at the front of the van, and gleefully ran to the slide. Some kids have special blankies or teddy bears; Valor has a hat.

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