Sunday, May 8, 2016

Joy - 11th grade

     Joy has been the most difficult to plan for this year. She's still growing and changing as much from year to year as the little ones are. For some reason I keep expecting this to mellow out, but it never does.
     Civil Air Patrol has gotten her deeper into search and rescue, and having it come down this close and real to her has really made her more certain that's where she wants to go. She is fascinated by forensics, search and rescue, firefighting, and such. Before this she was uncertain of what direction she was aiming, and struggled to answer the classic, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Now she knows she's ending up in this general field somewhere and enjoys exploring the options.

    There's plenty of time for her to change her mind if needed, but it's nice to finally have a specific goal to point at!

Here's the plan.


  • to be determined, or, "You can choose them. You're good at it."I'm leaning toward some of the J. Warner Wallace books. Cold-case Christianity, God's Crime Scene, etc.
  • (Religion will probably end up to be just one cumulative credit spread across all four years of high school.)

English 11

  • Literature will be a wide variety of genres with A Day's Read lecture series from Great Courses. She's pretty excited about this one!
  • Composition is still in the "Ugh" department. We've looked at several different ideas. She doesn't really like any of them. She doesn't really like the idea of doing a weekly pattern with Mom. She doesn't really like the idea of an outside class. Gosh. If we can't find something she'll move beyond "doesn't really like" I'll probably play the parental trump card and tell her we're doing the weekly pattern, using essay prompts from her lecture guide or history book. - We're actually leaning toward Wordsmith Craftsman. It will be on the lighter side, which is okay. She's a good writer and just needs something to keep us on track and insist on nonfiction assignments. We both liked that it included notetaking, business letters, and such.


  •  continue algebra 2, slow and steady

Honors Biology

  • Biology: Concepts and Connections by Campbell
  • correlated workbook
  • Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments for labs

World History

  • World History by Spielvogel (Glencoe)
  • Oak Meadow World History guide


  • Duolingo for daily practice
  • Breaking the Barrier 2
  • Holt textbooks for reinforcement
  • reading practice from children's books


  • Novel Writing Science Fiction/Fantasy: Other Worlds from the One Year Adventure Novel company
  • Choir: local homeschool organization (1st semester)
  • Guitar: same place as the choir (2nd semester)


  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Venture Scouts (once a month camping/hiking and a couple Wednesday nights a month)
  • Cyber Patriot (aka: Computer Science from someone who knows what they're talking about!)
  • JROTC Navy is in the maybe range (it'd replace the choir and guitar time block) - This produces one class credit, and two years of it gives one P.E. credit, but combined with the PT she's already doing with CAP I think a PE this year would be more than fair. 

    And I *think* we're going to add some casual Government in there, since it is an election year. Maybe not a half credit worth, but if there's time for extra reading it could be.

    The literature list can be seen on the Great Courses site. (If you're not familiar with Great Courses, don't even look at the prices there. I buy ours on Audible for $15, and Great Courses runs super steep discount sales all the time.)

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