Saturday, April 23, 2016

Faith - 3rd Grade

     The little fireball of intensity that is Faith.... Delightful! Sweet as can be and very caring. Quite stubborn. Marches to her own drum. Doesn't like anything that smells too much like work, yet loves to clean the bathroom. She's a strong little student in her own right, and in spite of being the fifth kid, she still shows me how little I really know about teaching. Methods I avoid because I think them boring, she thoroughly enjoys.

     Faith can also excel and thrive in something only to declare it stupid. Math, reading, dance, anything really. One of the dance moms is convinced we make her dance because the family dances no matter what I say. Faith grumbles that her feet are dead and she can't possibly finish classes. She gripes when we suggest she get more social dancing in. An hour before that, however, she was super-duper excited that it was almost time to dance and trying to put together the very best outfit. She loves to watch videos of dancing, has a dancing superhero, and head-over-heels adores her dance teachers. She just happens to have a fire and ice approach to life that smells like bad attitude. *shrug*

     Here's The Plan for third grade.


  • Genesis Through Joshua cards and student pages (Veritas Press), not aligning it with history since she started this one in February of second grade
  • Judges Through Kings afterward


  • Treasured Conversations ( for grammar and composition
  • Spelling by Sound and Structure 3 (Rod and Staff)
  • homegrown literature, including children's classics and a couple Collier's Junior Classics volumes (precise list to be added later) 


  • Singapore Math 4a-4b (very similar to her beloved Math in Focus, without the baby steps she's usually asking to skip, and a very inexpensive pile fell in my lap)
  • Primary Grade Challenge Math by Zaccaro
  • Math Olympiad Contest Problems volume 2
         The latter two are for once a week math challenges. Grace and Honor are in a Math Olympiad team and she'd love to participate, but she has to be 4th grade by age first. So we're cobbling together something similar just for her. 


     She wants "read this with worksheets and activities." I want living books, discussion, and activities. This is a compromise.
  •  Mr. Q's Life Science  (read this, worksheets, activities) (free for the printing = bonus)
  • The Human Body: What It Is And How It Works by Mitchell Wilson (vintage Golden Book)
  • Burgess Animal Book, perhaps Seaside Book and/or Bird Book
  • to be determined for botany

History - starting her first chronological cycle

  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt (Veritas Press), using the cards, selected student pages (includes worksheets and extra activities), reading the spines, and some extra readers 
    The 5,000 Year Old Puzzle
    The Ancient Egyptians
    The Egyptian Cinderella
    The Great Pyramid
    Mummies Made in Egypt
    Science in Ancient Egypt
    Ancient Science (extra activities)
    Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors (extra activities)
    Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors (extra activities)
    Seeker of Knowledge
    In Search of Tutankhamen
    God's Special Tent
    Archeologists Dig for Clues
    Fun With Heiroglyphs book and stamp set (extra activities)
  • Story of the World volume 1 with activity guide as desired
  • Pages of History


  • Duolingo - daily practice
  • Spanish for Children A, about a page a day, CD or DVD for chanting practice

Reading list (incomplete)

  • Collier's Junior Classics volumes 3 and 4
  • Little House in the Big Woods, maybe the rest of the series if she takes to it well
  • A Child's Garden of Verses
  • Half Magic (Eager)
  • Stuart Little
  • When We Were Very Young 
  • Peter Pan 
  • The Inventions of Hugo Cabret
  • The BFG
  • Faerie Gold
  • Mary Poppins

Read Alouds (some just for her, some family-wide)

  • Gilgamesh the Hero (McCaughrean)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Princess and Curdie
  • Series of Unfortunate Events book 3 and 4
  • Riddle of the Rosetta Stone
  • Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (portions)
  • Tales of Ancient Egypt (portions)
  • biology related titles tbd

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