Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valor - pre-k

Last one for the current school year....

Valor ~ pre-k

    This will be a very short list. Grace and Faith had actual curricula for pre-k, because it was cheaper and less work for me than the amount of internet printables they could go through. Valor's opinion of bookwork? Meh. Whatevs. A third peanut butter sandwich with a cartoon is more up his alley. He has a chunky preschool workbook from Costco that I pull a few pages from when he does ask for his own school time. That happens every other week at best.

   In spite of not having a lick of formal education, he has some solid preschool skills. He knows his letters by sight, knows what sound they make, and he can write most of them. If we play with magnets on the fridge and nudge him along he can sound out a cvc word. He never lasts more than a word or two before he finds a sword or a truck to play with though. LOL 

   Numbers are coming along slowly. He can count to 7. Solely because of the Harry Potter movies. Until last week I wasn't convinced he knew 7 actually meant an amount of 7 objects, but he knew Voldemort died in the 7th movie so it comes after 6. Last week he started correlating counting with actual objects. It is ridiculously cute to watch him teach the others that there are, in fact, FOUR trucks there, not three. (He still gets lost promptly at number 8.)

   I think he was born knowing colors and shapes. Everyone swears they never taught him them; he just knew. His scissor skills are pretty rockin' for a four year old. His sword slashing and ball throwing are even better. LOL Then he has odd talents like picking out exact model/make cars. All eggshell PT Cruisers he sees in town, on the freeways, or anywhere must be Mrs. White. He spots actors across movies. McGonegal in Downton Abbey made him roll on the floor laughing. I'm convinced he could tell you where every Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover is.

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