Saturday, March 8, 2014

High School Rough Draft: Version 2


  • English 1: Cover Story (composition) and American focused Great Books
  • Math: Discovering Geometry by Michael Serra, or maybe Chalkdust?
  • Science: Understanding Physics by David Cassidy (with labs)
  • History: Great Book study, American Republic from BJU to fill the holes
  • Geography: Trail Guide to U.S. geography
  • Latin: finish the Latin Alive series
  • Art: Sister Wendy's Story of Painting book and VHS series, Sister Wendy's American Collection book and VHS series, Signs and Symbols in Christian Art
  • Religion: Bible reading, extra non-fiction books tbd


  • English: Cover Story (composition), middle ages focused Great Book study
  • Math: Math-U-See's Basic Algebra and Geometry
  • Science: Chemistry 101 DVDs with included tests and such, extra living books (no lab)
  • History: Great Book study, booklist later, not sure about the spine
  • Geography: Trail Guide to World Geography, using the atlas and such, but not the food/art parts
  • Spanish: Paso A Paso 1, with Madrigal's Magic Key, a really fat Spanish/English dictionary, and free resources all around us
  • Mythology: middle ages, booklist later
  • Religion: Bible reading, Mere Christianity, more tbd


  • Logic/rhetoric: Argumentation lecture series from The Great Courses, Everything's an Argument, A Workbook for Arguments, Rhetoric in the Classical Tradition