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Joy ~ 10th Grade

     Joy is such a joy. Truly. She's one of those who works quietly in the background and you don't notice what she's up to until you start the task yourself. Randomly and silently a pile of laundry will get folded, or a mess gets picked up, or food gets made. Since I sprained my wrist she's taken even more upon herself and scolded me for doing too much.

    She bubbles over with life. Everywhere we go she has friends and people to tell me about or introduce. She swims, dances, reads a ton, volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center, and likes to consider herself a Hermione academically. Her sweet, caring nature inspires adults well beyond her years. Including me.

Here's her plan for 10th grade.


  • homegrown Inspiration of JK Rowling literature course, using Harry Potter's Bookshelf as the spine - This will provide a broad enough coverage to qualify for a regular British literature credit, but be much more fun. ;) (titles at the end)
  • Writing With a Thesis by Skwire
  • Elements of Style by Strunk & White (quick read, reference after that)
  • They Say I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing by Graff 
       (These writing books will be used *one at a time* with no overlap.)


  • Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish
  • Duolingo
  • probably chants and videos from Spanish for Children


  • Discovering Geometry is here to stay for awhile. She didn't get as far as she hoped last year, so this will be a primary focus. 
  • Algebra 2 will be a transfer to Art of Problem Solving, starting with the last handful of chapters in their Beginning Algebra text, and then moving onto Intermediate Algebra


  •     Harmony Fine Arts schedule has a good cultural and physical approach, covering world religions as well   

         skipping the gestures and bug eating book
     adding some architecture, drawing (architecture + animals),
  and cultural culinary lectures with plenty of recipes


  • CK12 Chemistry Flex-book
  • Basic Chemistry Lab Equipment and  Introduction to Chemistry Kit from Home Science Tools for once a week labs, with Justice, Honor, and Grace




Elective 1 - novel writing

  • Writing Magic (warm up for the year)
  • One Year Adventure Novel

Elective 2 - Forensics (under construction)

  • Forensics Illustrated (
  • The Home Guide to Forensic Science Labs by Thompson
  • GPS Forensics (
  • hopefully checking out the lab at the local police department
  • crime solving movies!


  • reading the whole Bible, ESV, using a reading schedule from our old pastor
       These extra religion books are done at a relaxed pace with a heavy discussion element.
       One at a time, of course.
  • How to Study Your Bible (Kay Arthur)
  • Reasonable Faith (Wile)
  • The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis)
  • A House for My Name (Leithart) 
  • Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis) + leather journal
  • Jesus Freaks
  • Who Designed the Designer? (Michael Augros)

Inspiration of J.K. Rowling literature list, 10 units

Mysteries and Dickens orphans
    Murder of the Vicarage - Agatha Christie
    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, selected stories (and season one of the Cumberbatch series)
    Lord Peter Whimsy stories - Dorothy Sayers
    Great Expectations - Dickens
    Mansfield Park - Austen
    Emma - Austen
    Sense and Sensibility - Austen
The Boarding School Novel
    Tom Brown's School Days - Hughes
Gothic Romance
    Jane Eyre - Bronte
    Wuthering Heights - Bronte
    Tell-Tale Heart - Poe (MhoncaiDad will read this one aloud)
    Northanger Abbey - Austen (spin on a character from HP)
    Frankenstein, Dracula, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner on DVD
Postmodern Epic, monsters then and now
    lots of DVDs, Twilight, Van Helsing, Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and such
    Wizard of Oz
    The Eyre Affair
    Wide Sargasso Sea
    retellings of Gulliver's Travels and Canterbury Tales
    Plato's Cave Allegory
    Watership Down
    George Cruikshanks cartoons
    Animal Farm if there's time
Everyman Allegory - this section made her groan, we'll DVD the important ones and put other British lit here instead
     DVDs Pilgrim's Progress (she's already read), Everyman Play, and Brothers Karamazov
    Picture of Dorian Gray
    Brave New World
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Magic - could be skipped or just do DVDs
    Psammead trilogy by Nesbit
    The Secret Garden
    The Little Princess
Alchemical Magic
    several Shakespeare plays
    The Chymical Wedding by Clarke
Secret of the Mirror and Seeing Eye
    The Little White Horse (Goudge)
    The Last Battle (Lewis)

**** Mid-year notes added March 2016 ****
  • homegrown Inspiration of J. K. Rowling lit - love, love love!
  • Writing With a Thesis - The models were fabulous. We never did finish the book though. She tired of it and asked to go with the next one.
  • Elements of Style - Ol' Reliable. She's using the free workbook and says it's like learning English from Grandpa. Never use a paragraph when three words will do. 
Spanish - Fabulous progress! This is her Spanish 1 year, and that combo already has her chatting (simply, obviously) with a fluent friend.

Math - She's slowed down. Geometry is still running. The book is great! It's just her realizing she can't race ahead and keep her grades where they belong anymore. We'll worry about alg 2 when we get there.

Geography - She's enjoyed this one, but at times it almost seemed like too many working parts.

Science - We added subjects in stages last fall, until they were all added in. Chemistry was last, and never made it onto the schedule. Forensics listed as an extra science in electives though? Now THAT she loved. It became the primary science, and it will be a full lab science. We went with the Saferstein Forensice Science test and Illustrated Home Guide to Forensic Science Labs. We started watching CSI because of this and my younger kids have become enthralled with forensics. Grace even talks about being a forensic pathologist someday. (Morbid much? LOL) I pulled in Crime Scene Investigations for Elementary Grades for the younger ones and Joy helps teach as they do the projects.

Novel Writing - She adores One Year Adventure Novel! All I've done is grade tests, and the smile never leaves her face.

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