Thursday, February 5, 2015

Faith - first grade

Almost there... !

Faith ~ First Grade

    Grammar: First Language Lessons 1/2 was the original plan, a Daily Language Review book like her siblings are using was her plan, she's doing fine with Daily Language Review 2, and I'm teaching on the fly as needed. Since literally every older sibling completed that First Language Lessons 1/2 book, they all start chanting the definitions or word lists. Which she really can't stand. LOL We will probably condense the 1/2 book and work through it over the summer.
    Spelling: Spelling by Sound and Structure 2 - Her perfectionist self didn't like it at the beginning of the year (translate: she wasn't confident enough in her own abilities). We went sideways to some easier books like Spell & Write (Evan-Moor) for awhile. Now she's back in Spelling by Sound and Structure and thriving.
    Writing: copywork. Plain ole copywork. She gets tired of it and begs for worksheets or something more interesting. After a unit in those she's happy with copywork again.
    Penmanship: Modern Manuscript (Evan-Moor again) - She needed it at the beginning of the year, but not so much anymore. It's one of her favorite pages in her binder, so I leave it there for her.
    Literature: homegrown, just whatever looks like she would enjoy it from our well-stocked shelves

    Song School Latin 1 - She adores this.

    Horizons 2, thriving
     Nature readers, Getting to Know Nature's Children, or just left to her own devices. Her curiosity is very intact.

    See Grace's. Faith does all but the harder assignments, and they almost always do it together. Academically they are lightyears apart, but they really like having at least one subject together.

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