Thursday, February 5, 2015

Honor ~ 6th Grade

    I will get that curricula page current...

Honor - Sixth Grade
    -Grammar: Daily Language Review 7 (Evan-Moor)
    -Spelling: Rod and Staff's Spelling by Sound and Structure, finish last half of 5, begin 6
    -Writing: Cover Story writing with a modified schedule
    -Literature: assignments from Adventures, and an extra pile of related titles I collected for him
    -finishing his current Latin for Children book, beginning Latin Alive 1
    -He was destined for Horizons 6, which we have had great success with, but he was getting... bogged down. Same ole math, again. He's a sharp math student. For years I was sure I was only teaching him the vocabulary for math he already had sorted out on his own. Horizons 6 covers what a typical prealg book might, just without negatives, exponents, and such. We set 6 aside and started Art of Problem Solving's prealgebra, knowing we had a sturdy copy of Lial's prealg (honors) in the closet if needed. I warned him, perhaps too much, that people found chapters 2 and 5 the hardest. He wouldn't work in the book without me at his elbow, one of us using a whiteboard and the other writing solutions in his notebook. I just kept whittling at him until he realized the lesson taught everything he needed for those difficult looking problems, and he was actually doing really well. He is thriving with the harder challenges of Art of Problem Solving.

Science, History, Geography, Literature, Bible
    Adventures in the Sea and Sky from Winter Promise, with the Monster and Pirate packs, and using the Older Learner guide. This covers history from the development of ships, planes, and spacecraft. The science is woven into it. When he's studying ships he'll also be covering ocean science; weather during planes; astronomy during spacecraft. I put the parent schedule and older learner schedule in his binder, with all the needed notebooking pages, separated by weekly dividers. He runs this himself and thoroughly enjoys it. The literature was a step down from what he was used to in fifth grade, so he also has a stack I made (using some of the older learner recommendations); he reads his choice daily. He does not do the older learner writing assignments; Cover Story is more than enough for him.

     So far: 3 volumes of The Book of Life, Peril and Peace, Augustine: Farmer Boy, and daily Bible reading when he wasn't reading The Book of Life
     Recent change: Honor, Grace, and Faith started Bible Road Trip together. Honor still reads 3-6 chapters from the Bible daily. We set the church history path aside for the moment. He enjoyed it enough he doesn't want to push it clear off until next year; we'll wait until we get a solid groove established for Bible Road Trip.

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