Friday, October 12, 2012

Show and Tell: 10-12-12

    We've had a pretty good week. :) There have been a few extras in our daily life that pulled us from the books, but they were all worthwhile.

   Honor diagrams sentences with compound subjects and compound verbs with ease, and he's quite proud of that, too! 

   Some other accomplishments for the week are composing some great sentences in writing, getting only one mistake on his spelling quiz, and digging into measurement conversions in his math. His current book is the first volume in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

   Justice was pretty proud of that score on the top of his first major English test of the year. That was some serious brain rust to overcome, but he did it!

   In other work he's also doing measurement conversions, but he's bouncing between English and metric. His sentence composing has been fabulous this week, even simple comprehension answers are very pleasant to read.

   Faith wanted to share her math this week. She has a solid comprehension of those teen numbers being a ten and loose ones, and she still tells me, "Twelve!" for the fun of it once in awhile.

   In other work she's nearly eaten that new box of BOB books, volume 2 of her readers hasn't slowed her down a smidgeon, and the little pencil grips I bought her for her pencil have really made a difference in her penmanship. She won't write without one now!

   Joy wanted to share Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan's newest book. She's on her second pass, and says it's his best book yet!

   Otherwise, she's had fun making argument topics for essays, excelled in her grammar book, and you can't make the kid stop reading. Her last math chapter almost got the better of her. It was slow going at times, but she pulled through. Today was the chapter test, where she earned an 82%. Great job, Joy!

   Another bookworm, Grace. She's still working on that Dragon book, but that's because she tends to work on several books at a time. One for bedtime, one for outings, one for quiet reading time....

   Grace has really done well across the board this week. She's doing so well in her math book, she giggles out loud when a two page spread of problems comes back with just a mistake or two. Her joy of learning is so contagious! In other lessons she's working on adjectives, mastering her spelling words with ease, advancing in cursive at a rapid pace, and loves every minute of it. ♥

   Last, but certainly not least, little Valor wanted his new police car in the pictures. Some day I really will get a non-blurry picture of this boy. There is no sharpen feature that can keep up with a boy who moves this fast.

   Valor spends his days driving trains and cars around the house, eating, getting into the middle of the kids' projects, and swiping my food. He's deliciously cute in his ornery antics, though! 

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