Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apache Lake

   We went camping with Justice's Boy Scout troop this past weekend. After driving for a long time on a highway, we turned onto a little, rough, full of washboards, often one lane, "road" for miles. When we officially arrived at Nowhere, USA, this beautiful lake was hiding, nestled between desert mountains, surrounded by cacti.

Apache Lake, middle of nowhere, Arizona

    The weather was lovely for camping. We brought sweaters just in case, but they weren't needed. :)  Honor and Joy ran our family's kitchen. Faith, Grace and Valor jumped in whenever they could, and loved exploring. The scouts did fabulous overall. There were a few spats, but nothing the boys couldn't grow and learn from.

   The best part was watching the canoe challenge. In preparation for a big canoe trip the boys want to take next year, the boys had to paddle out, intentionally flip their canoe over, get back in the flooded canoe, and safely get it to shore. My little ones splashed at the beach while we enjoyed watching the boys. Joy paddled out with another leader around the perimeter where the boys were working.

   Later on there were Totin' Chip and fire cooking demonstrations. And gobs of boys just being boys in the outdoors. ♥

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