Friday, October 5, 2012

Show and Tell 10-5-12

   Honor's writing assignment was on a topic near and dear to his heart - apples!

    Faith can pronounce the word TWELVE!! She had a hard time pronouncing beginning consonant sounds for awhile, and got in the habit of just dropping any sound where she felt she couldn't do it right. One of those dropped sounds was /tw/. During her math work I spelled twelve out across her paper and had her sound it out. Much to her delight, she could! For the rest of the day she would run up to us and yell, "Twelve!" before running away, giggling.

   Grace says the work she's most proud of this week is her math book. She builds tens, she takes them apart, she reads clocks, works mentally, solves story problems, and loves every minute of it.

   Justice is most excited about the book he's reading for literature. He's hauled it with him everywhere we've gone this week. 

   Joy was very proud of her completed Declaration of Independence. She copied the entire thing by hand, including the signatures. 

   Not to be left out, Valor's siblings say his proudest moments this week were learning how to say Buzz and Woody, and how cute it was when he realized the toy phone from his toy box was the one from Toy Story.


  1. The picture with the phone is adorable. Such joy in those little man's eyes. Looks like an awesome week.

  2. Such a cute idea to do a show & tell entry <3