Friday, October 19, 2012

Show and Tell: 10-19-12

   The last two show and tells ended with Valor, so I'll start with him today.  Sweet l'il guy. He's spent a lot of time sleeping this week. At first I thought it was getting the first dose of Halloween candy out of his system, but days later he's still taking extra long naps. Just watch, he'll be three inches taller next week.

   Honor and Grace learned about the various cells our bodies are made of this week. They're really enjoying their human body study, though Honor is constantly making remarks about it not going deep enough to satiate his curiosity. I need to make a list of the topics we're covering and get him some extra reading books on the side.

   Faith read all the readers in yet another set of BOB Books. She's so very proud of herself!  I have one more set in my closet for her to devour, and she'll have to start in on our Dr. Suess collection.

   Joy said her best lessons from this week came from her science text. She's excelling in this book and enjoying herself immensely.

(No, that title isn't on her curricula list. We only pull it out for particular chapters when it suits our study. She loves it anyway.)

  Justice wanted to share a Balrog drawing he really enjoyed. "It's a great interpretation, but it's absolutely nothing like the one in my mind, and definitely not like the one from the movie."  This is from the bestiary by David Day.

   This is our poor table about twenty minutes into a school day. We're not -all- at it for very long, but it's getting rather crowded during that part of the day. 

   How homeschooling fashionistas attend their lessons? Love that girl! ♥


  1. Love it! Your show and tell idea is fantastic, and a toddler taking long naps is always a good thing:)

  2. Great week. Everyone (awake) looks happy :)