Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anti-autumn + Zhed

   Blog land and Facebook are loaded with the gorgeous images of autumn: leaves turning gorgeous colors, crisp weather, people in sweaters, a few pictures of ice. You won't find those things on this blog. ;-)

   Around our town the scents of pumpkin and cinnamon abound, scarecrows and fall leaf decorations are everywhere. Toward evening you might see a sweater or two. Our daily highs just now dipped into the 80's. We're more likely to see a tree covered in blossoms than in orange and red leaves.:)

   We had what you might be able to call a fall storm. It sounded like someone threw a handful of large drops on the house and it was over, but it left us a gorgeous rainbow.

   We found these brilliant purple flowers while walking a neighborhood yesterday. (Okay, okay, we were peddling BSA popcorn again.)

    Whoever used that nest must be done with it now. I keep finding bits and pieces of it in the yard. It doesn't strike me as a cozy place to raise babes, but it takes all kinds...

   Our palm trees don't lose their leaves like a regular tree does. Occasionally one falls down the trunk and dries up, but even those have to be cut off.

   Our Bird of Paradise bush grew so much this year. In the spring it was about half the height of that chain link fence! I've seen a few around town with flowers; hopefully ours starts soon.

   This one isn't quite anti-autumn. Honor was looking for treats for our pet lizard, Zhed.

    Nothing to do with fall at all, meet Zhed. She's a spiny desert lizard. When she's in full sun you can see remarkable blue, red and orange flecks on her back. She absolutely loves kid caught crickets, and rewards the bug hunters with a quick dart through her cage to gobble them. After the cricket has been munched down Zhed literally licks her lips, to the grand delight of her audience.


  1. Your fall is gorgeous. We also don't have the typical fall weather, but I do like standing next to our palm trees while admiring the snow on the mountains!

  2. Wow, the sky after the storm is gorgeous! And the spiny desert lizard is awesome.