Friday, February 20, 2015


    S.l.u.g.g.y. start. Got a fair amount of school work done in the afternoon. Scouts in the evening for the girls. We're working on music from a grandma from our troop, who taught music professionally in the past. Good times.

    Joy's ride to the crisis pregnancy center she volunteers at had to leave super early. The little crew and I drove her up after dropping Justice off at his math tutor. Then they played with the toddlers who were hanging out while their mommas sat through the class on teeth. The toddlers thought the big kids were 100 times better than the toys. We didn't get home until lunchtime. School? What school? (Tutor dropped Justice off at our house, where he let himself in and had a couple quiet hours to work.)
    After lunch and the youngest two were put down for naps (2:00?), Justice, Honor, and Grace did a little bit of school. I tried waging a battle on the weeds in the backyard. (I think they're winning the war.)
    Joy was dropped off a bit after 3.
    "Swim bell" rang at 4. That's what we affectionately call the "drop your pencil and get into jammers/suit, get your gear, and get in the car, ASAP" moment.
    At 4:30 Justice, Joy, and Honor help pull the tarps and swim back and forth. (Honor can swim with the seniors when needed, thanks to having older siblings.)
    At 5 Grace and Faith do dry land exercises with the rest of the team. Afterward they work on their math and literature on the bleachers.
    6:30 the big kids get out of the pool, towel off, boys pull scout uniforms over their jammers. Kids eat dinner in the van between swim team and...
    7:00 Boy Scouts in the park. Joy jumped in and played with them. It's totally adorbs, but I won't tell her that.
    We made it home by 9:00. Thud.

     We hauled butt and put a serious dent in the school planners. Justice's math is in the afternoon instead of morning, which means he had a hard time getting into the swing of the day in the morning. Swim schedule just like Tuesdays, except Honor did dry land with the younger part of the team, and the teens had 20-30 minutes to take real showers and dry off before Honor got out. The little girls took school books to the bleachers. I did manage to get some solid exercise in myself during the little ones' nap.

     Holy sluggy batman. Everyone must be feeling that lovely spring weather out there. It's hard to want to sit with books. I think we can, I think we can, I think we can... 
    My afternoon exercise was another weed battle.
    Swim schedule looked like Wednesday's.

     After dropping Justice off at his math tutor the rest of us drove another 20 minutes or so down the freeway to the Scout Shop. Joy has her own Venture uniform shirt now, just in time for her first BSA merit badge clinic tomorrow. Little Valor got an itty bitty pair of green scout pants from the clearance rack too. He has been wanting his own scout pants for some time, and has nearly worn out the faux uniform I made him a couple years ago. 
    Swim shop after that. Joy tried on a few TYR suits to see exactly what size she is now. Found cheap latex caps for both boys, who both killed or lost their last one. (We'll get Joy a new suit off Amazon or Ebay. Much cheaper than team suits locally.)
    Target for printer ink. We're forever running out of ink.
    Tonight is a large open house for the community at a local college. It promises to be a great time! Joy and MhoncaiDad are heading off to a daddy/daughter dance. Swim was canceled for a big meet anyway. We're laying off the meets for now. (Ask again in the spring.)
    Forget the weeds. And the exercise.

This weekend
    Stay tuned . . .

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