Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What have we been up to?

Woke him up early so he could steal the dance
show. Naturally he snoozed through the parade.
(SO glad we still lug that stroller around.)

Laughed until our cheeks ached when we
gave Mister Tumnus a catnip toy.
Swam here for a couple weeks. It's twenty freeway minutes
further than our normal pool. I may still be somewhat
grumbly about that; I'll get over it. :P
Bought this at a church rummage sale. Needs tuned, but
it's in great shape otherwise. Baldwin.
Lost a tooth!
Graduated primary rollerderby level!
Barbequed some burgers, brats, and dogs for a
scout fundraiser.
Swam away before Mom could snap the
awesome picture she wanted.

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