Friday, November 2, 2012

Show and Tell: 11-2-12 & Daily Blessings

  We took the week off of school. There were too many things piling up with the holiday, and any work we would have done wouldn't have been done well. We filled up our week with errands, painting mini-pumpkins, finishing costumes, playing games, cleaning the house, laughing, cooking, and relaxing. Once the costumes were finished I turned my focus to getting the next round of lesson plans made. I'm not done yet, but I'm much closer than I was!

  Our show and tell pictures are what the kids spent most of their day doing.

    Justice, Joy and Honor spent much of the morning playing the Angry Birds card game.

   Valor sampled the cards.

     And Grace and Faith played Pop-N-Hop.

  This afternoon we did the weekly grocery shopping. Six kids, one mom, Target, Costco, Bealls, Frys. No problem. :D

   Daily Thankfulness:
  • Valor: pizza
  • Faith: a new dress and more BOB Books (Costco had the set she's been itching for today)
  • Grace: my friend that visited today
  • Honor: pizza
  • Joy: friends
  • Justice: pizza
  • Mom: awesome hubby that works so hard
  • Dad: my family

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