Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Murphy's Law

   Yesterday I bragged about how great Honor's composition work and attitude had been. Today he copped an attitude about it. Teach me to say that aloud. LOL After an intentional momma look and stern tone didn't even put a dent in it, I pointed to the backdoor. Riding his bike for several laps around the yard did the trick. When he sat back down to work the attitude was gone, and he did a great job. He filled the entire front of his tablet paper with complete sentences, capitalization and punctuation included. (Yes, he's still on grade 4 size tablet paper. It was a big tablet, and there are about 7 sheets left. When they're gone he'll get plain ole notebook paper.)

   Then his sisters put their books down for lunch, but he still had a grammar review to go. More sulking. A reminder that it was his bad attitude's fault that he wasn't done yet was all it took to turn him around this round. The grammar was promptly zipped through. Hopefully that reminder sticks for awhile. =)

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