Tuesday, November 20, 2012


   The busier we get, the quieter the blog gets. Whoops. =) We really did do school last week. Four full days of it. We took Friday off for shopping and camping preparations. I contemplated having them do all their independent work anyway, but between me leaving to get the shopping done and the excitement, nothing would have been done well, if at all.

  We spent the weekend camping with Honor's Webelos den (4th and 5th grade Cub Scouts) and Justice's Boy Scout troop (6th grade on up). We hiked, explored, cooked, cleaned up after ourselves (who'da thunk?), finished off some open Webelos merits with a little bit of first aid, knots, and changing a tire on SilverDad's truck. Later on the Boy Scouts invited the little guys over to play on a boy built monkey bridge, and that evening to share in their campfire. The Cub Scouts brought the marshmallows, which were a big hit with all the boys. All in all it was a fabulous weekend. ♥ Memories were made, relationships were formed or strengthened, adventures were had, and the food was delicious. The hot coffee and cocoa were a plus, too. ;-)

Playing in the bushes.

Valor's favorite part of camping with Boy Scouts and their mad lashing skills.

Adventure! Someone at the park was so thoughtful as to put a big pile of dirt right in the middle of our trail, just perfect for boys to climb. Seriously, this should be the new poster for our Cub Scout room. Joy in green, Grace in brown, Honor in blue. The other two are from our Webelos den.

Coffee's on!

Joy walking across the boy built monkey bridge
   More homeschooling posts later. We're working out the quirks on a new schedule method for the big crew. The amount of work they're getting out in a day dipped down a bit, but the flow of the day is working much better.

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