Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Meanderings

   We like Conceptual Physical Science so much more than the old Silver Burdett Ginn middle school textbook we started with. Any instructor guide that starts out with, "DON'T spend too much time on the first chapter! Time spent on kinematics is time not spent on discovering why satellites don't fall, why high temperatures and high voltages can be safe to touch, why rainbows are round, why the ski is blue, and how nuclear reactions keep the Earth's interior molten," is a winner in my book. That's the same attitude and excitement you feel from the author throughout the chapters. 

   If you want something done right, do it yourself, or don't spend energy complaining about it.

   Honor just earned a 95% on his grammar test. Did I mention it's the second such test he's -ever- had? He's awesome.

   Valor is delicious. He gives sweet neck hugs, too.

   This was such a Monday sort of Monday. Running behind, not getting it done, the weekly plan needed tweaked, the teen was extra teen flavored. Pfffft. The evening will be better. 'Cause I said so. =)

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