Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Tour week one

    Our week was all dance. Every family member but the baby and I are members of a dance group that focuses on WWII and doo-wop era dance. We do a patriotic show that's similar to the old style hangar dances, starting with WWII era songs and dances, and working our way up to the 50s. A few times throughout the show the kids go out into the seating area and dance with the audience. The grand finale has some serious swing dance aerials, which are promptly followed by military songs complete with flags. They perform all over, and I do mean all over, our area at senior communities, snowbird parks, nursing homes, Alzheimer units, VFWs, American Legions, churches, and more. 

     This week we had a show every day, and two on Friday. The kids had so much fun. Many memories were made, both from the audience and the camaraderie among the dancers.

All set up for the first show of the summer tour

Grace, dancing with a gentleman that just
couldn't stop smiling the whole time

Valor, hiding from a safe distance, lest one of
the girls try to get him to dance.
This Air Force veteran specifically requested a photo op
with Honor. He said Honor's uniform was the exact same
style he wore years ago.

I was sewing or mending something for the
dancers every day it seemed. This is the
newest sock hop skirt. My little girls made
me feel plenty guilty about making something
so cute for someone else.

Andrew Sisters! (Joy on the left)
Justice is the white sailor on the left, Honor in blue
Dancing with the audience
at the VA hospital

Hiding from a safe distance, again
Last show of the week going up

      That one show in the middle of the week was different. We were at a senior community, where most of the people were in wheelchairs or pushing walkers. (That part we're used to.) Today's show wasn't just entertainment for these seniors. The kids brought them such JOY. They'd clap and cheer when a pair of kids danced down their row. Their faces looked like children who'd just opened the Christmas present they "always wanted."

      Joy gently took the hands of one particular gentleman and danced while he sat there. She shared her name and asked his. He was smiling ear to ear with tears running down his face and couldn't answer. His wife answered for him, wearing the same smile. When the song changed he did manage to thank her for the dance. I can't tell who made the biggest impression on whom!

Faith and Valor being super cute before a show

     The songs we sing in that show have become stuck deep in us. We sing them sporadically as we go about our lives, and as many an audience member has pointed out, that history is being passed on, and it won't be forgotten. As we watched the Independence Day fireworks as a family this week a huge, gorgeous red and green one went up right in the middle. Faith immediately started singing, "I'll be hooome for Chriiistmas. Youuuuu can couuunt on me," without missing a beat. Everyone else joined in. We were sitting there watching fireworks and singing a Christmas song. When that song was over they started The White Cliffs of Dover. None of us really much cared what others thought. We were too busy enjoying ourselves.

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