Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kindergarten Love

     The books have been bought. The plans have been made. The girl is excited. I can't wait. =D  

     This is a gnitty-gritty plans post. The earlier K post was just a curriculum list.

  • Bible: She'll listen to me read a chapter from the Catherine Vos children's Bible daily, and discuss it. We'll start with the life of Jesus, and see how far we get into the New Testament. There is no seatwork planned at this point, but I may get the student book for Telling God's Story volume 1, just for the coloring pages and activities she adores. (10 minutes daily)
  • Phonics and Penmanship: She'll work through her pile of phonogram cards daily, and practice writing a few in her best handwriting. When the phonogram cards
    are mastered, I expect no longer than two months into the school year, she'll begin working down the Ayres spelling list in kindergarten size bites. (10-15 minutes daily)
  • Literature: Every day we'll read the book, and/or do an activity from the guide. The activities include coloring pages, crafts, hands on projects, copywork, mazes, matching, and other random puzzle type activities. At first each book will last approximately a week. If she gets to volume two the books are slightly longer, and there are more activities in the guide. (20 minutes daily)
  • Read aloud time: I did decide to add a small read aloud block just for her. She already listens to the middle crew's read aloud stack, but once a day she and I will snuggle on the couch with a book just for her. Thus far the titles I've set aside just for her are Charlotte's Web, The World of Pooh, Mother Goose Rhymes, A Child's Garden of Verse, Six by Suess, A Hatful of Suess, and I'll add to it as we go. (20 minutes)
  • Math: She'll plug along at her own pace. I don't push her to finish lessons. When she's done, she's done. (20 minutes)
  • Extra Units: One at a time. She'll finish all of one unit before she goes to the next one.
    • The Goops: A very silly way to learn manners. We'll read the entry from a full color book, discuss it, and role play the right and wrong way. I found the coordinating pages from the free vintage text (search Google Books) and blew them up to full size; Faith can use them as coloring sheets. (15 minutes daily, lasts about a month)
    • Legends and Leagues: This has a picture book to read, and a book of crafts and activities. (15 minutes daily, lasts about a month)
    • Green Thumbs: Gardening projects such as making your own tools, planting, learning how plants grow, and more. None of the days will look alike. We'll read the guide book, and see how carried away we get with the rest of it. (10-? minutes daily, lasts about two months)
    • The rest will be firmly decided on when we get closer. She's young, and I want to capitalize on strong interests. I have some nature study, cooking, handicrafts, and scouting activities on a back burner. 

     The literature activities and extra units will be the only parts new to Faith. She is already doing the phonics/penmanship and math listed, listening to read alouds, and reading something to mom fairly regularly, at her own choosing. When it's the middle crew's math time she simply gets her math book out, even though it's never required of her. If I don't get around to her phonics lesson she'll remind me that we haven't done the pink cards.

       The actual seatwork amount is kept low for every subject but penmanship and math, and my time estimates are generous.  I don't doubt for a minute that she'll rise to the extra challenge, and frankly I expect her to push for more. She's a driven kid, who won't stand for people assuming she can't do something. 


  1. Are your phonogram cards homemade?

  2. Yes, I did make the phonogram cards. :) The pink is cardstock. I copied the cards from the Writing Road to Reading, cut out the parts and glued them to the cardstock. I considered taking them to an office store to get them laminated, but they've held up really well thus far.