Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Projects and a birthday

    I sewed four gored sequin skirts and five sock hop skirts over the course of the summer tour. Thankfully the gored skirts were nearly all just taking a little width out and/or just replacing the elastic. The sock hop skirts are super easy to cut out, and I only appliqued three of them.

This one is Joy's. We still need to add some bling
to the corners.

      The sequin fabric was actually pretty easy to sew with, but whoever made the last round of skirts used that hem glue stuff. Which gummed up my needle and was generally a pain.

    This week I worked on a baby gift. The baby will be the fourth in his or her family. I know the baby stuff was getting pretty worn looking by my fourth baby, but it was still in good enough condition I didn't want to buy more.

    This one is just a panel with big, fluffy batting inside it. Every square has some fiddly topstitching in it. Valor *still* plays on the big, fluffy quilt someone made for him when he was brand new. Big, fluffy quilts are awesome. 

    The second one is simple patchwork, and an appropriate weight for a desert baby. I just top quilted this one with "stitch in the ditch," and it actually took less time to finish than the fluffy panel.
    In other news we finally had Joy's birthday party. She wanted water at the local park. We did water balloons and water guns. Girls do water wars much differently than boys. 

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