Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Report: belated 6-21-13

    Honor, Justice and I spent Monday through Wednesday at Cub Scout day camp. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Honor's only complaint was that this would be his last year of day camp, even though he's sure resident camp with the big boys will be plenty of fun too. Justice is our Den Chief, and attended as a leader in training. We really felt that heat the first day, but after that we were fine. The camp staff kept us wet continuously, and we reminded each other to drink water constantly. By the time camp was over air conditioned buildings seemed cold to us.

When pressed Honor will list archery as his favorite
day camp activity. Every year.

Taking the archery test. He won the highest
archery award.
"Arts and Crafts" time meant leatherwork. Booya!
Science time was launching foam ball rockets.
They let the Den Cheifs play too.
BB Gun range!
Den Chief Justice kept a close eye on his boys.
In addition to having a hose or bucket of water aimed at us
constantly, we played in the pool daily.

      Thursday found the boys quietly hanging around their books and Legos. They had sudden stop syndrome, and seemed somewhat worn. Honor would stare off dreamily with a smile on his face. Yeah, he had a great time. 

      The girls also had sudden stop syndrome. They were used to not having those two boys around, but the babysitter's home was much more interesting than ours. On the testy side, they were. They did have fun dolling up their little brother though.

Aren't his purple fingernails pretty??

      Friday SilverDad was off work. We went grocery shopping in the morning. (Woo.)  Later on I swiped just Grace and took her out for a momma date. I'd noticed she seemed about due for one before day camp kept me so busy, and she was more out of sorts. First stop was Starbucks. Her bottom hadn't sat on the bench for two seconds before she asked if she could run through the puddles and misters. After her hair was soaking wet we headed to Bealls (Marshall's or Ross type department store). She was more concerned with finding a present for everyone at home than she was with finding treasures for herself. ♥

Grace, after the first mister run.
      Saturday had two dance shows, with just enough time between them to feed the kids. They were both at senior communities. The first show didn't have too many people in attendance, but the audience was *loving* the show. The kids fed off their excitement and had a great show.

Faith at the right mike.
Dancing with the audience
Justice on the left, Grace in the middle

The Coca-Cola themed breakroom was adorable.

      The second show had a larger audience, but a smaller room. The crowd was very excitable, and gave the kids so many compliments. The room was shorter, and I'm certain the girls left at least three shoe scuff marks on the ceiling. Whoops.

SilverDad and Grace tearing up the floor.
Valor thought playing in the back parking lot was a hoot.
We close every show with the military songs.
Justice is flying the red Marines flag.

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