Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekly Report: 6-7-13

     Grace's summer schedule/checklist for this week. Yeah. That's what summer homeschooling looks like in our house. For some reason we are incapable of doing school the day after a campout. No matter how resolved I am on Sunday night.

     Thursday had Silverdad's birthday and our troop's scoutmaster's birthday. Joy made a fine French toast breakfast for her dad, and the kids gave him presents (loudest church shirts they could find). He spent part of the day helping a friend with a car problem, thus that feeble attempt at getting *something* done. Then we visited our dear friend and brought him homemade cookies. Faith and Grace gave him a big, fuzzy teddy bear.

    Big Crew

    Justice and Joy's modified summer schedule has math, literature study, and four separate reading blocks everyday. They are thrilled to just be reading really good books for the other subjects. That breaks down to one for science (actual books, not textbooks), history, an literature tie-in or something from the really good lit shelf, and something religious (missionary stories and fictional history mostly). Joy still has some spelling to tie up, but her grammar is pretty much done. Her lit study has her writing enough for summer, so I'm not adding any. Justice has started zipping through his Story Grammar for Middle School book, which also includes enough writing for summer.

    Middle Crew

    Honor and Grace's work has been tweaked for summer too. Their grammar has been "silly" grammar, with Scholastic e-book worksheets, and Language is Served from Prufrock Press. They're both still finishing spelling, and their writing didn't really change. History and science are mostly read aloud, though Honor reads even more science on his own accord.

    Little Crew

    Faith still insists on daily math, and practices her phonics cards a couple/few times a week.

    Valor gets toys out, eats, pretends to be a cat, gets peanut butter on the school books, and is generally so adorable no one minds his mischief.

    I had several pictures to attach here, but Blogger and my phone are refusing to work together. :P~

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