Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly report: 6-14-13

SilverDad and tired Valor






      We did two whole days and two partial days this week. It's summer. 'Nuff said.











     Our read aloud still has the same poetry and fairy tale volume in it.  The Stout-Hearted Seven is our history title, The Way WE Work is still our science title, and we still haven't finished Treasure Island. Honor loves Treasure Island, though he's quick to point out how the cartoon Treasure Planet doesn't line up. I've already decided we'll do Swiss Family Robinson next.

     Faith: The Horse in Harry's Room
     Grace: Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Galations
     Honor: finished Railway Children, started the original Peter Pan, Microscopic Monsters (Horrible Science), and World's Deadliest Creatures
     Joy: The Cartoon Guide to Physics, Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America, The Princess Bride, and Twice Freed
     Justice: God's Smuggler, Earth's Water, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Phantastes

New dance "do" for Faith



     One show. Went great! There were more kids than normal, and it was SilverDad's first show. As in, he was in uniform dancing with the kids. He had a blast. =)







        Every one of my scouts, all the way down to little Faith, participated in a flag ceremony for a local Elks lodge. I had 3-4 other families who were supposed to be there, but they were no-shows. Perk #527 of having a big family. Our family and another with two scouts pulled up the slack and did our best anyway. They received gobs of compliments. =)

       American Heritage Girls is plugging along nicely. Joy had some big decisions to make, but it was good for her. She's already senior patrol leader (that's the BSA term, not sure what the AHG equivalent is), and they're considering handing a committee level position over to her, like advancement coordinator. I'm trying to gently nudge new leaders forward, without overwhelming them. Very delicate balance.

       Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, well, the boys are awesome. I love each and every one of those boys. Our charter organization won't be renewing our charter when it expires, which leaves big feelings for most involved, and big decisions on the horizon. Each family is sorting out the decision making process for themselves. Some Cub Scouts will stay and help with whatever new program the charter brings in, and some will be transferring to other packs. Some Boy Scouts have already dropped the troop, and others will soon. Justice already knows which troop he wants to transfer to; he has friends there. Honor will have to change packs, or we may go "lonestar" with the boys in his den until they can get their Arrow of Light in February. After that they'll cross over to Boy Scouts, and Honor can join his brother's troop. I am saddened and disappointed, but it is what it is.


      Grace is itching to get behind the microphone again. She's talked about doing My Father's World, Pow'r in the Blood, America the Beautiful, and My Country Tis of Thee. Currently she's settled on Star Spangled Banner. I think this one is going to stick. She hasn't spoken to Pastor about it yet though. 

       We walked around our neighborhood distributing flyers for our VBS this week. My kids rock that. We had our whole stack out there in one walk.

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