Friday, August 14, 2015



The school area

  • Honor and I finished staining the dark wood paneling in our school area. It's a medium/light blue now, which brightens up the room considerably! I'm still going to fatigue it to soften the BLUE effect.
  • The sturdy lab/work table MhoncaiDad built is also stained and back in the house. 
  • The curriculum shelf that's been in that spot since we brought it home went to the other wall. Just because. 
  • The small desk that's always in the way where it was went where the little bookshelf was.

 School books

  • There is a mound of books on that new table that were pulled from the curriculum shelf. They need filed into completed work in the utility closet, stuffed back in the school closet somehow, or rehomed. 
  • New books for this year are filling the shelves.
  • I am super behind on lesson planning this year! 

The Mom

Valor finished his first numbers book.




The Mhoncai

  • The teens just got back from a delightful two week romp on the western slope of Colorado. They stayed on a ranch with old family friends. 
  • The little ones are having to readjust. A house with just little kids just has a different flavor.
  • The younger ones all did literature, math on the computer, practiced geography on Sheppard Software, and Honor and Grace worked on Uzinggo's middle school science. That's it. When that load and a house chore were completed they played, and played, and played.
  • They're all pretty much in summer mode, and enjoying it that way.

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