Saturday, August 29, 2015

Getting the ball rolling

    The teens added math full force this week. The middles and littles did math and literature daily. Little Valor worked in Sing, Spell, Read, & Write and Rod and Staff math 1 daily, along with practicing the Writing Road to Reading phonogram cards. He's doing great. Counting to HUGE numbers like 50 during the teaching portion of Rod and Staff math is his favorite. 

    Joy didn't get as far in geometry as she hoped for last year. It just didn't get the time commitment it should have. So it's top dog this year. She intends to go strong on geometry alone to start with, and then fold in algebra 2 on top of it. 

    Justice worked with a math tutor all last year. This year his tutor isn't available for daily lessons, but he'll gladly be on call. He and I have been doing the math together on boogie boards, which gives him the interaction he needs to be successful, and lets mistakes get corrected right away. Well, hypothetically. Accepting correction is not his strong suit. We're working on that. ;) 

      I have printed out a TON of paper this week! I've printed, 3-hole punched, and stuffed all this paper into the appropriately labeled and divided binders.
  • The Fun Spanish (Faith)
  • 50 States student pages (Faith and Grace to do together)
  • Draw Around the World: USA (Grace)
  • Jump into Cursive Handwriting (Faith)
  • The Elements by McHenry (Grace and Honor)
  • Carbon Chemistry by McHenry (Grace and Honor)
  • CKE Chemistry student pages (Grace and Honor)
    I still have a bunch of syllabi, quizzes, tests, and such to go. 
   Next week each student will add a handful of subjects, but not the whole list. We usually do every subject at once, just slowly the first week or two. This year we're all feeling like a gradual incline is best.  Valor is already at full speed for kindergarten. Faith wants to add science and cursive penmanship. Grace will add Art of Problem Solving prealgebra and chemistry. Honor will go back into the same prealgebra book where he left off earlier this summer, and also chemistry. The teens haven't officially decided. I think Joy will go for composition and world geography, and Justice will  go for history and literature.


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