Friday, June 12, 2015


Faith and Grace helped choose the fabric for               
the neckties the guys will wear for a performance           
at a dance convention this summer. Picture a               
diagonal cut of that print against black shirts and           
black slacks. I'll use an old Ottobre pattern.               

We've been having blast learning west coast swing as a family.

Faith and her partner. Cutest couple
ever at swing class!
Grace and her partner

Justice and Joy 
Random cuteness from our week 

Eowyn and her all-time favorite human, Joy

Grace, with intense concentration
(She was stuck on a programming game.)

Valor's classic "Really, Mom??"

We saw a live animal demonstration. This is a young American alligator, who loved to whip that massive tail
on his handler's back when he was riled up.

Did you notice someone missing from all those pictures? Honor
was at summer camp. I am SO READY for him to be home!

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