Monday, April 18, 2016

Progress - Mid-April Check-In

    Well, we're moving forward again. When Grandma moved in we looked critically at each subject to see where we could condense or compact to keep finishing the school year from completely eating up our summer. Some subjects make it easier than others, but as some subjects fall off the calendar until the next grades we get more time to work on the thicker ones. The summer subjects, religion, literature, Spanish, and math, we've left in the same pace they had all year.

    Honor delighted in the idea of compacting. He promptly finished his chemistry that week. Two weeks later he had world geography finished. That puts him down to math and English. In a couple weeks he ought to have spelling and grammar finished. That will put him down to summer schedule, some composition, and Art of Argument. The latter two have gotten the short stick this semester, so they could do with some focused time.

    Grace finished the chemistry a few days after Honor did. Her history is a bit of a different animal and will probably drag through the summer. Her spelling is very nearly done. Grammar too. She'll do Art of Argument through the summer with Honor.

    Faith is almost done with her Science Shepherd. She's doubling and tripling lessons every day. They're pretty short anyway. Her spelling is already done. Her grammar shifted mid-year and she's in the middle of English 3. Currently she's in the middle of the third unit (out of five total), which is on verbs and very easy so far. She'll continue to double lessons when it's very easy, and we'll skip the last unit altogether. Then grammar will be done until third grade starts. That will put her down to summer schedule and listening to history read alouds.

    Valor's schedule won't change. He only does phonics, reading practice, and math. Then he listens to a story read aloud.

     Joy's schedule isn't so tidy to compact and condense, and she helped out the most with Grandma. We'll see what we can do to get geography and science wrapped up as tidy as we can, so she can focus on the summer schedule topics and One Year Adventure Novel.

    Justice's schooling wasn't impacted by Grandma's health really at all. He's struggling more this quarter than he did the last one. His subjects are economics, financial math, and earth and space science. The economics teacher is the government teacher he really liked last quarter, and is hands down his favorite of the three. He doesn't like math or his math teacher, but I'm thrilled they put him in financial math. The science however, even though earth and space is more interesting to him than physics or chemistry would be, is all on the computer. He really doesn't care for science in general, and there's very little teacher interaction. He's not doing so great in this one. I've ordered some documentaries and a Holt textbook we can read bits and pieces out of with him. One even has Patrick Stewart narrating. He actually seems receptive to working on this at home to pass the class. Fingers crossed!

     Grandma has migrated to the north family for the summer. She's pretty sure she won't survive a desert summer. So of course it snowed the first weekend they had her up there. The oxygen company comes to pick up all these tanks and such later this week. That's that. Until fall. When she wants to snowbird again. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Thankfully the kids have really pulled together through all this. Bigs helped littles. Littles accepted help from bigs instead of Mom. The schooling went smoother than I expected it to. Quite a bit smoother than when Grandma visits over the holidays for that matter.

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