Friday, March 11, 2016

Old Posts and Self-education

    I went into last year's planning posts and added notes on how it's actually turned out. The little ones mostly stayed the course, the middle ones had some slight changes, the big ones had some bigger and Very Big changes. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

   For no one other than myself this year I've been researching, learning, and reading fictional histories about the queens and kings of England. Fascinating stories! I don't remember what originally inspired the venture. I'd been looking up royalty timelines to get my mental timeline straight, and around then happened to spot some Philippa Gregory books at the Friends of the Library sale. (There's one near Honor, Grace, and Faith's coding class, so those books are constantly calling to me. Good thing it's so inexpensive!)  My stack of books to read is now bigger than my free time generally allows, but I've had such fun with this study.

   I've also been listening to the Joy of Science lectures from Great Courses. These are great for humanities moms teaching STEM kids! I'm hoping to get through Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time and Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything before too long too. I've already grazed through Dawkins' Magic of Reality.  Hawking and Dawkins will be on Honor's reading list next year. I like Hawking better. I have a personal hang-up with Dawkins that I'll discuss in detail with Honor before I hand him the book.

    For my next trick I'd like to dig into anthropology. I'm pretty sure I'll start with the Peoples and Cultures of the World lecture series from Great Courses *and* the suggested readings. I was hoping to talk Joy into trying it for 11th grade, as I think she'd really enjoy it too. If not I'll have fun with it regardless. :)

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