Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More kids, Less curricula

   Obviously we do more than that pile of books. ;) Hopefully you're not tired of dancing pictures yet. Honor and Grace have grown SO much since we started taking them to the classes at a swing club. I ♥ this picture of them. The instructor has started asking Honor to help her with demonstrations occasionally; I've never seen him walk so tall! Grace had the opportunity to take some spins with a champion (literally) this past month. He gushed about her natural talent as much as she gushed about dancing with him.  (Justice is in the background by the curtain.)

 Mid-week we checked out one of our favorite parks. Just because.  

    Joy went on her first backpacking trip with her BSA Venture Crew. They hiked in 3.5-4 miles, camped with only what they could carry on their backs, and hiked back out. She came home worn out and LOADED with stories.

    Sunday we were running behind and did not get to church in time. Justice went with friends to their church and got back before Valor and I had even bathed. Slow motion rut. After we were suitable for the general public we went to the closest park. The little ones played. Justice mostly held down some grass with me, enjoying a fat book. We sat in the grass and had our own Bible lesson between serious playing.
Left to right: Grace, Justice, Valor, Honor, Faith (Joy wasn't back from her backpacking trip.)
    We started Training Hearts Teaching Minds by Starr Meade all over at question 1 (protestant catechism), and did a lesson from Long Story Short by Marty Machowski. 

Sweet Valor. How can someone this little and darling be ready for kindergarten??

Just waiting for us to finish school still wears the lad out. 

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