Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Valor still hasn't made it through a whole roller skating lesson before adamantly refusing to participate any longer, but as soon as we get home he runs to his daddy and big brothers to demonstrate all the new skills he learned.

We took a boat ride at a special little girl's birthday that weekend. Valor had a great time trying to count all the ducks and turtles he could find. We saw a small-ish heron too. (The water is green because the winter algae is dying. It'll be clear again before too long.) Please do notice those flip flops he's wearing! That's the first time since fall that he's worn something besides those little, scuffed, seriously loved, brown cowboy boots.
Grace and Faith thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather. (My neck and face were a bit sunburned.)

The girls and I went to a dance club that does swing classes before they open the floor. Great fun!  

The big kids avoided the camera somehow. They're usually off doing their own thing. ;)

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