Monday, April 28, 2014

March and April

   I've been trying to upload a photobomb catch-up, but my app keeps freezing up. Looks like I'll have to quit taking the easy way and spell it. Ha!

   We had two dance shows. One for a snowbird park and one for a WWII group. So much richness is added to my children's lives by entertaining these veterans and learning from them. It's amazing.

  We were blessed to be able to share in a wedding! Faith, Grace, and Joy were flower girls. Justice and Honor were ushers. It was beautiful!

   SilverDad was in a Last Supper drama as Judas Iscariot. That was fun!

   There were a few field trips in there. An arboretum trip, an indoor jump park, and a riparian preserve. We're going back to the riparian preserve before it's too hot to enjoy it.

   Swim team is going great. Justice and Joy have been bumped up a level, and Honor is the fastest in his level.

   Scouts continue to help stretch my children in amazing ways.

   Homeschooling has really hit a stride lately. Some subjects are going to start wrapping up for the summer, some will go all summer, and some will be changed. Nearly all of next year's curricula has been bought, and I've started preparing a few things, like the little girls' geography and Joy's history syllabus. It's going to be a great year. :)

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