Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Honor the Lion-hearted and the Arrow of Light

    Honor and our whole family have made so many great memories going through Cub Scouts with him. He started in first grade as a Tiger, and has completed every rank along the way. He's earned every academic belt loop, about half of the sports loops, and around two dozen sports and academics pins. He collected every arrow point in Bears and Wolves, and all 20 Webelo merit badges. He met with his youth pastor weekly for 1.5 months to earn the religious emblem. He completed all four awards in the new Nova program, and will complete the SuperNova with a mentor before his registration transfers to Boy Scouts.

     When his second year Webelos den worked on Aquanaut he tried so hard to make his laps to pass the swim test, we finally had to pull him in with the hook, but he wouldn't give up. He was so exhausted he looked like it was all he had to hang on the wall of the pool, but his leader and I had to talk him out of going again. His leaders gladly awarded him the Aquanaut for doing his absolute best. The next week we took up the swim coach's offer to work with him alongside her team, and he gave it everything he had. Honor, Justice, and Joy all ended up joining the team. Honor now goes to swim practice four times a week. He can pass that test twice over for a warm-up, but he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. At the Blue and Gold, two months after that Aquanaut night, his leader awarded him a special swimming patch for going above and beyond. 

    This Blue and Gold was Honor's very last one to attend as a Cub Scout. This time he received the highest honor in all of Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light, and he crossed over to Boy Scouts. 

The Order of the Arrow performed the arrow and bridging ceremony.  


  1. So proud, Honor the Lion-Hearted! You work harder than any kiddo I know. Well deserved!

    1. I told him your response while we were driving to swim practice this week. He said, "That's odd. I wonder what made her say that?" LOL

  2. That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!!!