Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fall 2014 Curricula Plans: Rough Draft

   Yes, it's only February, but I've already missed one 25% off sale for something that was on this list. A decent plan will make it easier to take advantage of those without purchasing willy-nilly.

   Faith, first grade (How?!)

  • First Language Lessons (gentle, bite-size, oral grammar, snuggle-on-the-couch)
  • Continue the Rod and Staff spelling and Spalding hopping she does now
  • Copywork, daily
  • First Favorites literature volume 2, and More Favorites
  • Egermeier's Child's Story Bible
  • Horizons math 2
  • Geography - Cantering the Country? Beautiful feet? Merge with Grace? 
  • Animal, plants, and human body through living books (Getting to Know Nature's Children, Burgess Animal Book, Seed Babies, more tbd)
  • Song School Latin is waiting in the wings, *if* she starts noticing she's the only kid without a language

Grace, fourth grade

  • Rod and Staff English 5-6
  • Rod and Staff spelling 5
  • A mix of Wordsmith Apprentice and homemade composition?
  • A pile of children's classics, and more tied to geography for literature 
  • Language.... Latin Alive, slowly, with more Latin for Children in the wings if it just doesn't work out (LA was written for a 7th grader with no Latin, LFC is for 3rd-6th)
  • Straight Bible reading, probably starting The Book of Life series
  • Horizons math 5
  • Trail Guide to World Geography, with the art and food from around the world additions
  • science through living books, starting with animals (Getting to Know Nature's Children) and trying to branch her out into other science fields (Scientist in the Field, topical books on random topics)

Honor - sixth grade

  • Rod and Staff English 6
  • Rod and Staff spelling 6, his last spelling book, home stretch!
  • Wordsmith (composition)
  • Horizons math 6
  • Latin Alive (he has outgrown Latin for Children)
  • Straight Bible reading, volumes 2-5 in The Book of Life series
  • Adventures in the Sea and Sky from Winter Promise for literature, history, and science
  • Art of Argument for logical fallacies

Joy - ninth grade

  • English 1 (+1): The Power in Your Hands (composition), medieval literature with some heavy Lord of the Rings and other Tolien worked in(probably a few Omnibus units too)
  • Geometry (+1): Chalkdust?
  • Medieval World History (+1): Story of the Medieval World by Susan Wise Bauer, and the guide
  • Physics (+1): Conceptual Physics by Hewitt looks like the best option for doing physics first, but she's less than thrilled with it
  • Latin 2 (+1): finish the Latin Alive series
  • Bible (+.25): reading a few chapters daily, and....?
  • Art appreciation (+.5): The Annotated Mona Lisa, Sister Wendy
  • Music: guitar lessons, half or whole credit depends on the time she puts in
  • P.E./health (+1): swim team, scout badges, something else tbd

Justice - tenth grade

  • English 2 (+1): Omnibus 2 or 5 (medieval lit tied to history), + something for composition
  • Geometry (+1): Math-U-See's older edition of combined algebra 1 and Geometry
  • Medieval World History (+1): Omnibus and the history textbook it assigns
  • Chemistry (+1): Chemistry 101 dvd course, extra reading, possibly a Teaching Company course
  • Spanish 1 (+1): Duolingo and ... tbd
  • Bible (+.25): straight reading and Omnibus
  • Medieval Mythology (+.5): Norse myths, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, King Arthur, Robin Hood, and I need to do more homework for this one
  • Geography (+.5): high school portion of Trail Guide to World Geography
  • Literature of C.S. Lewis (+.5): Inklings rabbit trails, Mere Christianity, Of Other Worlds, Surprised by Joy? This is a very recent idea and I haven't put much thought into it. I'm concerned it's going to look like we're padding his transcript with literature.

     Valor will be a 4 year old preschooler by fall. We're still calling him the baby! For the most part I expect him to be too busy playing with cars and trains to care about academics, but nearly all of his siblings were asking for their own schoolbooks at 4. Should he feel left out of the school book business, his first math book (Rod and Staff 1), Phonics Pathways, and Writing Road to Reading are all in the school closet waiting for the day he wants them.

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