Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 6: Spring Cleaning, Down Time, Museum

    A clean house and actively homeschooling seem to be mutually exclusive.

    The house is much cleaner.

    The school books never left the shelf

    We took a fun museum fieldtrip with four other homeschooling families.  I read ahead in a few school books, and immersed myself in an AHG charter packet until it made sense.

     Joy started crocheting cuffs and headbands for a craft fair. Grace cracked the crochet code and left umpteen chains of various sizes all over the house. Faith couldn't figure out why they were spending their time messing with string when they could play. They painted daily.

     Justice read tons, and wrote a bit too. Honor built gobs of Lego creations. They ran the RC ATV in the yard. Valor tried to do a little bit of what everyone else did.

Honor checking out a display
Gobs of old movies were filmed in this area
Assayers tools - Love the microscope!
The nature display really caught the attention of the kids.
So much so, the gentlemen working on the display wanted
to know how we made kids respond like that. As we left he
kept saying, "Keep working that magic, ladies!"
Elvis chapel
Faith is the first to charge into a new exhibit,
has to be at the front to see everything, and
isn't afraid of climbing anything to prove
her point. Fiercely independent.
Justice was a great big brother. He pushed Valor's stroller
the whole way, helped him out and in countless times,
and took care of him for the whole tour.

Rail cars to haul away the smashed rocks
Native American flour grinders, typically ran
with hands instead of used as a seat.

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  1. So neat to see what kids get up to on their week off. I'm hoping to start different handcraft projects with my dd on our weeks off. Looks like they had a fun week!