Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Update: 5-24-13

     We only did school for three days this week, but we've read gobs.

   Honor and Grace learned more about the circulatory system.

The big kids used YourTeacher math.

   I read aloud until I thought I'd surely lose my voice. (That pile is two books short of having the entire day's read alouds.)


   The Cub Scouts had a Raingutter Regatta. The boys huffed and puffed, and the parents nearly fell over laughing. It was more entertaining to watch the parents.

(Justice in tan/olive uniform holding Valor)

    Half Price Books had 20% off storewide. Couldn't miss that.

     The highlight of our week?? Cloverton! 
We were able to help with some set-up, hear them warm-up, 
and met them after the concert. The kids were over the moon!

And the end is the beginning.....

Faith getting Lance's autograph
Take me into the beautiful, won't you take me back again...

Joy talking to Lance and Lane
Grace talking to the guys. When she asked I suggested she could tell them she had sang on the same stage they used. She proudly told them she'd sang Amazing Grace on that stage, all by herself, and there were *way* more people in the audience watching her. Whoever claimed younger kids in big families lack confidence never met mine...


  1. Looks like a great week! And excellent book selections!

  2. Love the weeks when I think I will lose my voice from all the reading. :)