Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly Update: 5-10-13



   No school work accomplished. Zip, zilch, nada. It was one of those days where the little ones were getting along and playing so. well. that it seemed like a crime to interrupt them. The big two had new books to read and were sitting there with their noses firmly planted for hours on end.



   Back to the grindstone. Or so I thought. The baby woke up with a low-grade fever and couldn't keep his cookies down. Now it's keep one eye on the baby dosing in front of a Thomas the Tank Engine movie and do some intentional reading with the rest sort of day.  DH and I will have to tag-team our way through scouts tonight.




    When I came in from my walk this morning, the pukey boy from yesterday was literally running through the house chasing big brother, while shouting "Ptoo! Ptoo! Ptoo!" and waving a squirting toy at him. Yep, he's feeling better.

    I've given up trying to reclaim this week, but we must get some school done....

See the first saguaro blossom??
  • Justice: test drive of the YourTeacher summer math freebie, assigned literature
  • Joy: longer grammar lesson, read from A Little History of the World (Gombrich) and Alice in Wonderland
  • Honor: part of a meaty math lesson, Railway Children (Nesbit)
  • Grace: math lesson, James and the Giant Peach 
  • Faith: math lesson 
  • The younger ones listened to Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman and Little House in the Big Woods. We were going to start Heidi too, but ran out of time. 
     We spent the rest of the afternoon at the playground with a local homeschooling family. There-- that's better! Youth group and kids church that evening. Lovely day.


    Still not going to get a whole day done, but I'm okay with that.
  • Justice: Twice Freed, Uncle Tom's Cabin, YourTeacher math, Tolkien: Man and Myth A Literary Life,On the Shoulders of Hobbits, The Annotated Hobbit, Beowulf refresher
  • Joy: YourTeacher math, some reading and research for Where the Brook and River Meet, more YourTeacher math (She asked if she could!?)
  • Honor: several pages in Logic Liftoff, spelling lesson, Railway Children, Vos Children's Bible
  • Grace: spelling quiz, James and the Giant Peach, Vos Children's Bible
  • Faith: read the whole Morris the Moose aloud in one sitting, math lesson
  • Altogether we had a good memory time. I'm glad to see those getting more regular. I've missed them.

     Then I made sandwiches, found unopened water bottles, and packed up the little crew to take the big ones down to a bus waiting for them at church. As I typed this portion they were on their way to their second ever MLB game, and they were in Chase Stadium when this picture was taken. See two homeschooling punks in bright orange tee shirts? Yeah, me neither. They watched the Diamondbacks stomp the Phillies and had a fabulous time.

      Honor and Grace want to play on Khan Academy in a little while, since big sis and brub got to do math on the computer today. (They must sense mom drifting into summer mode.)  Then I'll read some more Freedom Train, Little House on the Prairie, and Heidi. They both managed a grammar lesson in there somewhere. Or three grammar lessons in a row. Grace. 'Nuff said.

Why, yes, he is fixing the dishwasher with a
plastic tool, while chewing on a toy bone, and
wearing pink crocs.  Dude has three sisters.

(We will finish installing that dishwasher.


      Ready, set, go! Wait. No! We have to go grocery shopping, because SilverDad is taking the Boy Scouts to the lake tomorrow, and teenage boys like to eat. Like hobbits. Costco, here we come...

      If we get our read aloud stack done, and finish the open math lessons, I'll call it a week.

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