Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

   We spent most of the weekend camping up in the pine trees with our American Heritage Girls troop, a two hour drive from our patch of saguaros. About half of our girls had never been on this type of a camping trip, and we were starting from the beginning with outdoor skills. The whole troop did awesome!

Joy and her roasting stick
Justice sharpening his pocketknife
Grace working on a roasting stick
Faith, Grace, Joy, Honor
Honor testing the girls' knot skills

    Four big mule deer walked right through our campsite the first night, and the next day the kids used a scope to see baby bald eagles in their nest.
The campground was gorgeous

   After delivering each girl back to her parent we came home and ran all eight of us through the shower or bath. Then it was off to a dance show at an American Legion a couple towns over. It was a great show! The audience was really engaged and participating. Those are the fun ones. =)
Joy is on the third microphone from the right, and
Faith and Grace are between Joy and the next singer.

Justice is in the middle in a white shirt.
"Chantilly lace and a pretty face..."

    Then we came home, had a light dinner (the American Legion fed us too), and went to bed early. Valor fell asleep in the living room before we could put him to bed, still holding a bag of chips.

    Monday morning came and only little Valor slept in. The rest were up and running right on schedule. After everyone was fed and dressed I packed them up and headed to the cemetery. Last year we helped put the small flags above each soldier's headstone. This year we were camping when that was done. To the cemetery we went anyway. We slowly walked around the entire cemetery, reading names, military branches, and talking about what those men and women did for us. As we walked we fixed the flags that had fallen down, put flowers back in their pots, picked up trash, and hopefully absorbed some of the real reason for Memorial Day.

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