Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fall plans - nearly there

   We made most of our curricula decisions for the '13-'14 school year back in January. Usually those get tweaked quite a bit by the time it's all bought and delivered to our doorstep. This year there were only minor changes, and I'm nearly done with the purchasing. Most unusual! (Slight '80's relapse there. I blame Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.)

   Valor will be newly three years old when we start this fall. He'll have his own clipboard, pencil, and stack of blank paper for pretending to do school, and I'll stock a few extra puzzles and independent activities in the "school time only" shelf for him.

   Faith will be a kindergartner. Kindergarten is so fun. They're so excited about learning to read and discovering new things. I can't wait. I have her math, phonics/writing, geography, Bible and most of her reading prepared. She's edging into first grade literature already. I only bought the first semester worth of books so far, and put the second semester into an Amazon wishlist. If she zooms through the first semester we'll pick up the second as needed.

   Grace will be a third grader. Her grammar, spelling, literature, math, and history are all purchased and sitting in the closet. Her writing will be homemade. I've put a dent into the science, and I'll pick up what's left along the way.

   Honor will be a fifth grader. I'm one DVD short of having all his core subjects and the entire first semester of science purchased. The DVD goes to his science, which could still use a couple more books. I'm going to get the lesson plans drawn up before I buy more. I want to wait until we're closer to the second semester to decide on the science for it. I tucked away a few good options in a list for now.

   Joy's eighth grade books are all ready to go. Yay! Well, not writing. I was certain what I wanted to buy, but I keep hesitating over the purchase button. Sigh.

   Justice's ninth grade books are the most lacking. He has had a rough year and we seriously contemplated putting him in public school in the fall. We still haven't firmly decided, but I am slowly collecting the books he'll use if he's home. I've found some real treasures to go along with his intended Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings and he is excited about them. He will continue to immerse himself in Tolkien regardless. (With five younger siblings, someone will eventually use or reuse the curriculum. =P)

   Lists with curricula titles and deeper plans will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

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