Monday, January 7, 2013

December update - It's been awhile

   Grandma stayed with us for December. There wasn't much actual schooling to report all month. LOL

The first week
   We did four days of math and literature.

The second week
    We did two days of math, and four days of literature.

The third week
    I waved a white flag. We all read from a book at least once a day.

The fourth week
   White flag firmly in place. We read most days.

By January
    Computations are noticeably rusty in the Middle Crew. I discovered this while adding up prices with them in a store. Scared to know what happened to the Big Crew's brain cells.

This week has a shiny new plan, which I'll finish making later today. But we did take the Christmas tree and decorations down today. That's progress.

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