Tuesday, January 29, 2013

*crickets chirping*

   We've been so busy this month. School is getting tossed into odd, little nooks and crannies that show up throughout our days. On reflecting on the actual academics after a week it didn't seem blog worthy, but perhaps that real life part of homeschooling is what I ought to be posting about more often?

      Our weeks have been very full, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We're full, too. ♥

   To get this many kids adequately taught takes most of my day. It really is a full-time job. I start with a joint, mom-dependent lesson with the oldest two. Then we have a mini-conference to see where they are on our planner, and hit any pressing needs at that time. After that they'll start their independent work. That's when I pull in one of the younger kids and start working one-on-one with them. When that kid is in a place they can work "independently" at my elbow, I call in the next one. That's when the revolving mom door routine starts. By the end of the day there's usually a smattering of unchecked boxes on the planner. If there's time left after dinner I'll have them get it done then.

   Sarcasm spoken, err, typed, we're very blessed. We can't imagine not being deeply involved in our kids' scouting groups, our church, and going to dance shows or practices on weekends. Every one of those activities richly blesses us, strengthens our family unit, and makes us better people.

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